Clinical Quality Language Release 1 STU 4 (1.4)

This is the current officially released version of Clinical Quality Language, 1.4 in it's permanent home.
For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions .

Clinical Decision Support Work GroupMaturity Level: 4Standards Status: Trial Use

Expression Logical Model (ELM)

Expression Logical Model Schema Files are available here:

expression.xsd - Base expression schema

clinicalexpression.xsd - Clinical extensions to the base schema

cqlannotations.xsd - Cql annotations schema for including CQL source in ELM libraries

library.xsd - Library container schema

XML Types schema that defines CQL system types in an XML schema:


Model Info schema is available here:

modelinfo.xsd - Model info schema used by translation tooling to define model structures

NOTE: Model info is an implementation detail included here for convenience, it is not a normative part of the CQL specification.