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1.5 Change Log

Normative Ballot Changes

Compatible, Substantive

  • STU4#1877: Added support for modular arithmetic for quantities

  • STU4#1896: Added an overload of expand to take a single interval

  • STU4#1907: Added an aggregate clause to the query construct

  • STU4#1910: Added support for specifying search paths in the Retrieve

  • STU4#1918: Added support for comment annotations that result in tags in the ELM output

  • STU4#1920: Added a fluent keyword to support fluent-style function invocation

  • STU4#1921: Added support for specifying include and reverseInclude elements in the Retrieve

  • STU4#1923: Added System.Long to support 64-bit integers

  • STU4#1908: Added the ability to pass value sets and code systems as reference-type arguments

  • STU4#1917: Added a text/cql.identifier media type to support referencing the name of a defined CQL expression


  • STU4#1909: Added guidance on local terminology identifiers

  • STU4#1911: Clarified that unit conversion is supported with ConvertQuantity

  • STU4#1912: Clarified representation of seconds and milliseconds as a Decimal for the purposes of comparison

  • STU4#1916: Added guidance on direct-reference code usage


  • STU3#1875: Corrected error in Exists documentation

  • STU4#1857: Corrected error in ToString documentation

  • STU4#1858: Clarified relationship between CQL calendar duration units and UCUM definite-duration units

  • STU4#1862: Corrected rendering of formatting strings footnote throughout

  • STU4#1863: Clarified role of date and time token definitions in the grammar

  • STU4#1864: Updated typographical conventions for formatting strings throughout

  • STU4#1865: Clarified ranges for date/time formatting strings

  • STU4#1866: Clarified date/time arithmetic conversion semantics between UCUM and calendar duration units

  • STU4#1867: Clarified date/time arithmetic semantics for precisions above seconds

  • STU4#1869: Clarified date/time literal rules for timezoneoffset

  • STU4#1876: Fixed test for exists

  • STU4#1878: Clarified collapse and expand semantics with respect to per argument and interval boundary alignment

  • STU4#1881: Added point keyword to appropriate keyword lists

  • STU4#1882: Clarified semantics and behavior of terminology comparisons in retrieves

  • STU4#1883: Clarified inconsistent null semantics for point and singleton overloads of includes and included in as synonyms for in and contains

  • STU4#1884: Documented ToConcept(List<Code>) overload

  • STU4#1897: Clarified semantics and behavior of interval in and contains in the presence of interval boundaries that are both open and null

  • STU4#1913: Removed note about timezoneoffset in Time ELM operator

  • STU4#1914: Fixed rendering of footnote to formatting strings throughout

  • STU4#1915: Added guidance on local identifiers for code system, value set, and code declarations (duplicate of STU4#1909)

  • STU4#1919: Added missing Descripition header in documentation of ConvertQuantity and HighBoundary operators